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Thousands of poor people in Tihama spend long hours in order to get water. The war has been destroyed by disease. In order to contribute to their rescue, the Al-Rafha Development Foundation launched a project entitled "For Tihama" in the land of Tihama. But the areas are many and needs are still great .. At this time the Foundation intends to dig an artesian well in the area of ​​Al-Aqimah and neighboring villages .. Open contribution to those who wish to do good. Value of the stock: - SR 20 - 5.5 dollars. To donate and contribute: Al-Aqimah well - Hodeidah We help you with their aid with ongoing charity for you and your loved ones. Location of the well: Hodeidah / Al-Aqimah. Well depth: 100 meters. Beneficiaries: about 600 inhabitants. The project includes: 1- Drilling a 100 meter well and installing a pump. 2 - Installation of reservoirs. 3 - Supply and installation of an integrated solar system for the operation of the project. Project cost: SR 87,450


Adel Omer

April 3, 2024

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