Zakat al fitr and Fidyah

Authorization to give ofZakat al fitr, which is obligatory on every Muslim witnessingpart of Ramadan and part of Shawwal .. as well as other obligatory donations such as Fidyah or Kaffara.

Zakah upon money

Authorization in giving of Zakah upon money that is obligatory on a Muslim who owns minimum amount of properties liable to Zakah… and this Zakahmustpeople to whom Zakah is paid..

Voluntary charity

Voluntary charity of the best deeds and means of drawing a Muslim nearer to Allah. In the Hadith ” The wealth of a man will not diminish by Sadaqah(Voluntary charity), but indeed it will be getting increased, increased and increased”.

The Daily Charity

It is a continuing charity given every day .. gathered from several shareholders and given of every day in mornings on behalf of all shareholders..

Afflictions do not exceed charity

 It is easier than you think … Allow affliction to be takenand blessings to be come down.. .. Protect yourself, your family and the owner of the Bakiro Charity. ..

Bring happiness and satisfy a need

Give a charity every morning… Every day you can participate with a charity.. Puta smileon the faces of the needy … Meet a need of a number of your brothers. .

Less Deprivation

Do not feel shy to give charity even with a very trivial sum for deprivation is lesser..

 You can participate at a minimum with   10 YR per day ( The equivalent of 1.5$ Monthly )

Charity daily (Bakiro)

The Daily Report of the Daily Charity

The number of shareholders in the charity

This amount of today's charity in Riyals

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