Instilling the Prophetic heritage into people capableto spread it

Byplanting benevolently, taking care of the planting, and following up the sweetness of the fruit, then spreading of the sweet fruit among all people.

Smart students with a potentially great benefit

Areas without people of Islamic scholars, and students of knowledge with a potentially great benefit without support, Let us be a bridge for those students of knowledge to reach the correct place

Knowledge .. practice .. self-discipline

knowledge is connected to practice, purification, and discipline : Allah Almighty said:

” to purify you and teach you the Book and the wisdom”

The wisdom also says: Do not think that knowledge alone is beneficial unless its seeker is crowned with morals.

 Sponsorship Features

Regular quarterly reports

Sponsor will be given quarterly reports on the progress level of the sponsored students and on what they have learned and achieved in all aspects

Including a number of aspects

Such as cash expenses, food and books

In accordance with organized mechanism and continuous follow-up.

Sponsorship happens in accordance with a well-organized and coordinated mechanismand a continuous follow-up, and with a special follow-up to the sponsored students and to their needs.

Students sponsored

Students waiting for sponsorship

Total monthly sponsorship cost in Ryials

Annual sponsorship cost

Yemeni Rials




Saudi Rials




Emirati Dirham




US Dollar




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