With little work, we plant great hope


By your help which equips an orphan to meet his/her needs, you start to achieve the principle of social solidarity among the community and plant hope in the heart of the orphan.


With the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon Him

Be with the Prophet peace be upon Him in paradise, as he said : 

“I and the sponsor of the orphan will be in paradise like this, and pointed to his index and middle fingers and made a small gap between them.”

ساهم في بناء جيل راقي بأخلاقه وتعاليمه

  من أهم أهداف الكفالة والمتابعة لليتيم : غرس التعاليم والأخلاق النبوية في الأجيال القادمة .

Sponsorship Features

Various Aspects

The sponsorship includes all aspects of life such as education, food, health, cash expenses, and entertainment activities.

Inspection and Follow-up

Field visits to (Religious institutes- schools – houses) has been carried out by specialists from the Foundation to inspect the orphan situation, to follow up his progress in his educational, social, and hygienic aspects, and to meet his needs.

Full Reports

Submitting regular biannual reports with full and comprehensive details about the sponsorship and all its related issues.

Sponsorship Aspects

Orphans sponsored

Orphans waiting for sponsorship


Sponsorship Annual Cost


Yemeni Rial




Saudi Rial




Emirates Dirham




American Dollar




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