Suddenly everything is over ..


  Our house was here .. .. All were gathered inside; suddenly everything is over .. 

Together .. we stop bleeding blood


Lives are being lost and the blood is being bled .. .. Let us cooperate to stop these calamities and to provide care to those who deserve .

Necessities of life


Having lost everything .. and pushed into a corner .. we offer them the most basic necessities of life ..

Natural disasters

Afflictions from Allah .. and tragic incidents affect daily lifestyle suddenly … not caused by people … like flood .

Total Aid In Riyals

  • Shelter18%
  • Housing21%
  • Cure61%

Humanitarian disasters

Tragic incidents and fabricated crises..affecting daily lifestyle suddenly… started by people themselves such as wars…

Total Aid In Riyals

  • Shelter2%
  • Housing5%
  • Food92%
  • Cure1%

Chaos and calamities

They include misfortunes and painful situations because of which a person or a family lacks the most basic necessities of life such as fire..

Total Aid In Riyals

  • إيواء0%
  • تسكين2%
  • غذاء8%

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