Your sacrifice .. your riding animal

The Prophet peace be upon Him said:

“Honour your sacrifice as it is your riding animal on the Hell path (sarat)”

It is also narrated in a Hadith:

“The sacrifice will come on the Day of Resurrection with its horns, its hairs and its hooves; and the blood finds acceptance with Allah before it falls on the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart”

Aqeeqah and give charity

Slaughter a newborn sacrifice for yourself or one of your children … Give charity for yourself or others..

Made them rejoice ..


Bring happiness to those who cannot find meat for their family in the Eid day and night..


Authorization to slaughtering sacrifices (public and conditional) and to distributing them to the needy …

Family Beneficiaries

Total Aid Riyals

Eid Meat

Authorization to distribution of meat to the needy in the Islamic Eid and virtuous days.

Family Beneficiaries

Total Aid Riyals

Meat distribution

Bringing happiness to the needy and distributing meat to them at different times. .

Family Beneficiaries

Total Aid Riyals

تواصل معنا

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