Establishment :

As an extension of Arrafah Charitable Society which was founded in 1997 which is located in Dar Al Mustafa – Tarim. Arrafah Foundation For Educational and Social Development was established in 23/Apr/2014 to replace the Society with expansion of activity and its fields.

The foundation obtained the official recognition and ministerial ordinance from The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (No 51 – 2014). The activities of the foundation have been started in its office in Dar Almustafa – Tareem, then  it is transformed into the new site in Al-Esa’ad building endowment.

تصريح المؤسسة

The location :

Yemen – Hadhramout – Tarim – Aideed

The Message :

To spread the useful knowledge and offer help to overcome the ignorance and the miserable living through  noble principals  in treatment legally and morally .

The Vision :

Charitable society  seeks to develop the  educational, social and development aspects .


مؤسسة الرأفة للتنمية التعليمية والإجتماعية

The objectives :

  • To encourage the spread of the useful knowledge and virtue, and to sponsor those who are devoted themselves for this and seeking to find scholarships for students inside and outside the Republic.
  • To sponsor, take care and educate  orphanages in an Islamic correct way. 
  • To search and take care of the needy and poor people and help them and seeking to provide work for those who are able to work.
  • To make every effort  in charitable projects and public interests.
  • To invest the funds of the Foundation in guaranteed earning projects that are not in conflict with the regulations..

We like to be unique in :

  • Depending on Islamic legislation to know the  legitimate criterion in all the foundation deeds.
  • Not making an administrative deduction from the project allowance to run the foundation affairs, but we rely on  private returns of running or  charitable endowments to gain the running funds.

    Providing the supporters of ongoing projects with regular reports.(often semi-annual).

    And you can see within the attachments an introductory guide for the most charitable projects that the foundation carries out.  The foundation is ready to implement any charitable projects that are in line with any items of the main objectives that have been mentioned above .The benefactors are provided later with all the details and reports associated with his contribution .

Contact :

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To Contribute :

Our accounts in:

  • Tadhamon international Islamic Bank  58860 ـ 211101   ( R.Y=886 – USD=840  – SAR=682 )


  • International Bank of Yemen 0025-532222 ( R.Y=001 – USD=002 – SAR=006 EUR=009 )


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